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Azores – Sao Miguel Island

Island of San Miguel – Seven Cities /Half a day

Departure from the hotel at 09: 30/14: 30 in the western part of the island, where we will find the mountains and lakes of the Seven Cities. Following the South-West road, along the coast, through the green pastures, where the cattle graze, we will get to Belvedere. Vista do Rei, one of the most important viewing platforms of the island, from where you can see the Blue and Green lakes, lying in the crater of the volcano. The return trip to Ponta Delgada will lie along the mountain road, the North-West side, with a beautiful view of the central part of the island, the ocean and mountains. Be sure to stop at the outskirts of the city, for a visit to the pineapple plantation. You will be told how the Asorian pineapple is grown, one of the most delicious in the world!

 From 45€ p.p /Min. 2 pax.

San Miguel Island – Fire Lake/ Half a day


Departure from the hotel at 09: 30/14: 30, to the north of the island, with a visit to Ribeira Grande (Ribeira Grande) and its outskirts. A short stop at Ribeira Seca  to see the wonderful Renaissance fountain, which was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1563. Upon arrival in Ribeira Grande, you will see the characteristic features of the architecture of the XVII-XVIII centuries in the buildings of the settlement. Visiting most famous monuments ….

Following the mountain roads with steep turns, to the Lake of Fire, we stop at Belvedere to admire the magical landscapes of both banks. From here it is also possible to see the North and South of the island at the same time. Going down, be sure to visit the factory of ceramics, where you can see the manufacture of products by hand!

 From 45€ p.p /Min. 2 pax.



San Miguel Island – Furnas and Northeast with lunch/ Full Day

Departure from the hotel towards the Valley of Geysers. Via Povoação (Povoação – the first settlement on the island of São Miguel) on seven hills, along the “Pico Longo” observation deck. On the way to the northeast, we will pass through other observation platforms, such as Agua Retorta, Ponta da Madrugada, Ponta de Sossego and Ponta do Arnel. On the way back to Ponta Delgada, we will pass through Achada, Adro da Igreja – with a delightful view, and Ribeira Despte-te Que Suas (flowing at an altitude of 900 meters, manifested in various forms of fresh water sources) with its Achadinha, Monument to the Liberal Wars…. The dinner will be in the north-eastern part of island.

From 65€ p.p /Min. 2 pax.


San Miguel Island  -Fire Lake and Furnas with lunch/Full Day

Departure from the hotel at 09:00 to the lake of fire on the south side of the island, to the mountains of Barroso. Stop at the top to view the wonderful scenery. Upon arrival in Belvedere, you will see an untouched view of a quiet lake with amazing landscapes around. Travel continue to Ribeira Grande, it is here that you will see the largest collection of architectural buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Than stop in the center of the city to have a cup of coffee.
Next, the driver will take us to the only tea plantation in Europe, Goreana. Passing through, Achada, Furnish plateau and pastures, we reach Belvedere Pico do Ferro, from here we can see the largest and old crater of the volcano, at the bottom of which there are the lake and Furnas. This is one of the richest mineral waters in the world, about 22 species in the Valley of Terra Nostra. Lunch in the town Furnas. Return to the hotel.

From 65€ p.p /Min. 2 pax.