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In love with Porto

You will get acquainted with such famous sights as:

  • cathedral of the 12th century and a bishop’s palace in baroque forms;
  • the church of San Francisco, made in the Gothic style;
  • the station of San Bento with its magnificent tiled panels on the history of the city and the country;
  • the Palace-type building of the Exchange, the covered metal market Ferreira Borges;
  • “House of Infanta” – the former old royal customs, where, according to the legends, Henry the Navigator was born in 1394, today the historical archive of the city;
  • the Infanta and Liberty Square, the Allied Avenue, the main shopping street of Santa Catarina;
  • the ensemble of the church and the towers of Klerigush;
  •  “Majestic” cafe and the most beautiful bookstore Lello;
  • the famous iron bridges of Maria Pia and Don Luis;
  • Medieval quarters, steep streets and stairs.

Part of the excursion will also be a water trip on a stylized boat on the Douro River under the arched bridges of Maria Pia, King Louis I and four modern reinforced concrete bridges connecting the city of Porto and the satellite town of Vila Nova de Gaia.

One of the main components of this excursion is an acquaintance with the history of “wine from Porto” and its tasting.

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