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Coimbra, once the first capital of the Portuguese state, today is a small and quiet city, famous for its unique historical architectural ensemble. You can walk it on foot in just three hours. The most important sight of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in Europe, that was founded in 1290 (the city itself appeared much earlier). Camoes, Garcia de Horta, Ribeira Sánchez, Marques Pombal, Egas Moniz, Oliveira de Salazar at different times sat on the benches of the University of Coimbra. And nowadays the university continues to be one of the best, now 20 thousand students can master here many specialties.

The city is shrouded in the spirit of students. Educational buildings are scattered throughout the city, but, of course, the main attraction is the historical building of the university. Coimbra and its university have always remained not only the center of science, but also free minds. Coimbra … It is so interesting and different – young from a huge number of students, beautiful and refined from old buildings and squares.

During the excursion “Coimbra, our wonderful city” you will get acquainted with such famous sights as:
– Historical ensemble of the University of Coimbra – large assembly hall, examination room, university chapel, library of the 18th century, medieval prison, old auditoriums;
– the old cathedral of Se-Velha (Romanesque with Gothic elements, XII-XIII centuries);
– the arch of Almedin, the Customs area, the lively lower urban area;
– the square on May 8 and the Augustinian monastery of Santa Cruz, – the embankment of the Mondegu river;
– medieval maze of narrow streets.