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Alentejo – Evora

Evora, an ancient city brought by UNESCO to the list of world cultural heritage, is located in the province of Alentejo, where hilly terrain, marvelous rural landscapes, fields, vineyards, ancient castles, homemade food and wine, coupled with the sleepy atmosphere of the south, a unique combination of natural beauty, silence and tranquility, create all the conditions for a course of mild therapy from stress. Evora, hiding behind the fortress wall, is famous for its medieval appearance, well preserved to the present day, a maze of winding ancient streets, many churches and monasteries, squares with streaming fountains.

During the tour, you will get acquainted with such famous sights as:
– Church of St. Francis and the Chapel of Bones;
– the palace of King Manuel of the sixteenth century, – the Roman temple, the so-called “temple of Diana”;
– Cathedral (Romanesque with elements of Gothic, XII-XIII centuries.) And the revered Mother of God “Incarnation” (that is, pregnant);
– the main square of the historical center (Giraldu Bestashnoy Square);
– ensemble of the University of Evora (former Jesuit collegium, founded in the sixteenth century) with its marvelous front yard;
– a small triangular area in front of the gate de Mora with a fountain (1556) in the center.