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Lagos-Sagres – Cape of St. Vincent

You will visit one of the famous confectionery factories of the Algarve, get acquainted with the production and try the national sweets made of almonds and handmade figs, and taste the Algarvian wines. Then go to Cape Ponta da Piedade and explore the most picturesque grottoes. Then visit the ancient capital of the region of the Age of Great Discoveries – the city of Lagos, stroll through the historic center – see the city walls of the 14th century, the fortress of Ponta de Bandeira, the oldest slave market in Europe, the monument to Prince Henry the Sailor, the Church of St. Mary. You will visit the “golden” temple of the Baroque period – the Church of St. Anthony. You will have free time for purchases of products from cork and regional ceramics or the possibility of walking on boats by grottoes. At the end of the tour you will visit the city of Sagres, the location of the first navigational school in Europe and one of the emblematic places on the Algarve coast of the Cape of St. Vikentia – the “edge of the Earth” – the most South-West point of the European continent. For dinner, return to the hotel.

Silves and Monchique

Before you enter the city of Silves, you´ll stop at the observation deck and admire the panoramic view of the first capital of the once Moorish Algarve, called in its time the West Baghdad. Examine the unique fortress of red stone, the Gothic Cathedral, the Church of Mercy, the fortress tower “City Gate”, the Roman Bridge, Plaza Al Mutamit. Perhaps you are interested in the museum of archeology. Further your way lies through the resort on the waters of Caldas de Monchique, where you stroll around the park and inspect the “Fountain of Lovers”. Finish the excursion at the peak of the Foya mountain – the highest point of the Algarve, taste the “medronu” and get acquainted with the products of the national craft.

Excursion to Seville
Once near to Spain, you have a unique opportunity to visit the neighboring kingdom and see one of the brightest cities in Spain-Seville. The old Spanish proverb says: “Who did not see Sevilla, have not seen a miracle.” Do not deny yourself the pleasure to get acquainted with this magical city, to see the famous bullfighting arena in Europe, the Golden Tower, EXPO 29 pavilions, the plazas of America and Spain, stroll along the botanical trails of Maria Luisa Park, see the Royal Tobacco Factory, the Lope da Vega Theater and the Indian Archives, wander through medieval mysteries and legends to the Santa Cruz neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to look into the huge, third largest in the Christian world cathedral, it is there that the tomb of Christopher Columbus is located or to the royal residence of Alkasar with magnificent gardens. All this will immediately take you  many centuries back. You will have free time for lunch and shopping in the city center. You will remember Sevilla forever.

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