The property

Climate. Incredible climate. 300 days of sunshine a year! Thanks to the Atlantic breeze, summer in Portugal is very comfortable and winter is mild, as the temperature of the air never goes under 0 degrees. Of Course there are rainy days, but it is very rare that the sky is gray longer then one day.

Geographical position. Portugal is called the edge of Europe. So is it good or bad? On the one hand, this spectacular country is washed by the water of the Atlantic Ocean and it has access to sea trade routes, on the other hand it is the only land that has a land border with Spain. Autonomous regions – the archipelago of Madeira and the Azores are part of Portugal. No disputed territories, and there are no points of conflict escalation. Sometimes Portugal called “safe European harbor.” This is one of the most friendly to the immigrants country in Europe where Ukrainian community is the second of the largest communities after Brazilian.

Language. The Portuguese language is relatively complex to learn and nowadays it is in sixth place in the list of the most common languages in the world, accounting for about 250 million carriers. But even if you do not speak Portuguese that wouldn’t be a problem for you to communicate with locals as most of them speak English and everybody will be happy to help you or to have small-talks in one of the cosy bars or cafes.

Free space. According to statistics, in Portugal indicator population density per unit area is one of the lowest in Europe.

The cost of living. For other European countries here is one of the best value for price and quality.

Products. As Portugal is a sea country and there is a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood, the Portuguese people are big fans of meat. You will find here a wide range of vegetables and fruits, as for example Madeira Island has to offer about ten species of passion fruit. If the main secret French cuisine – is sauces, then the secret of Portuguese cuisine – is always the freshest food.



The possibility of obtaining a residence permit and later citizenship.

The process of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal is transparent enough and there are several advantages over other European countries. Furthermore, 2012 a program “Residence permit for investment activity ” also called ” the Golden visa.” Property or cars in Portugal can be bought by anybody who wants to by it and even if you are not a resident – it is enough to get a tax number in the local tax authority. Nowadays the real estate market in Portugal is growing steadily and every day there appear new opportunities to invest profitably. And the attractiveness of the rental market in Lisbon makes Portugal an interesting area for investment.