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Cape Verde

Cabo Verde or Cape Verde – take a break from civilization and dive onto anunique world of naturein Kizombo rythm. It’s a little island country which counts 10 larger and 8 small islands with with a huge number of contrasts. Unforgettable African environment and culture, bueatiful nature landscapes, buildings and monuments recall of the colonial past of the islands. Each town and every street are special with their unique character. All buildings are different.

The islands are blessed by the sun and music throughout the whole year. This synergy became day to day rhythm and tradition of native people which aquired a slight fleur of mystics and relaxation. 4 hours by air from Europe, political, social and economical security, absolute personal safety bring a large number of tourists all the year around especially during the European winter time. There are 4 international airports on Santiago, Sal, Boa Vista and San-Vicente Islands.

Five reasons to get packed your suitecases:

Unbelivable advanture in a stunning world of an unspoiled natural beuty. Endless beaches and turquoaze horizons of the ocean. Adrenaline splashes from experiance of different water activities such as diving, windsurfing, surfing, kityng, sports fishing. Genuine tastes of traditional cuisine. Enjoy the rythms and mystics of creol culture.

Sal and Boa Vista Islands are recommended for beach leasure.