80 €

Madeira – Nature

Observation of butterflies

The tour will take place in the region of Ribeiro Frio and Balcois. A unique opportunity to observe rare species of butterflies inhabiting Madeira, including endangered species in Europe, as they fly and feed in their natural habitat.
Included: snacks, a bottle of water, insurance, binoculars, transportation and a guide-biologist.

On Saturdays

Ethnobotanical excursion

The guide-biologist will talk about the importance and cultural use of plants, mushrooms and lichens of the island of Madeira. A unique opportunity to meet with ethnic traditions, natural resources, to experiment with new tastes during a wonderful walk.
Included: a bottle of water and snacks.

On Fridays

Peak Ariareu / Peak Ruivu / Ashad Teixeira

During the walk of 13 km you will have a clear idea of the real beauty of the island: the rocks that want to touch the sky, the unique flora and fauna, the oldest heather forest that remembers João Zarcu  (a Portuguese explorer who discovered the Madeira archipelago in 1420). This fascinating walk with breathtaking landscapes is for true explorers!

Individually, or in a group

Levada Rabasal / 25 sources

All 11 km of the path pass through tunnels from trees, heather, beautiful ferns, layers of moss and is accompanied by chirping of flocks of small birds. Upon arrival to 25 sources, we encounter a small pond surrounded by dense vegetation, which was formed from several waterfalls flowing in.

Individually, or in a group

Canyoning (for beginners)

Our journey begins with the ecological park Funchal – Shau da Lagoa, at an altitude of about 1500 meters. To overcome the obstacles that nature presents to us, we will need to go down the rope, swim and jump. The optimal route for those who want to start playing sports. You may need to have a change of clothes and shoes.

Included: transport, equipment, insurance.

Duration: 3 hours

Individually, or in a group

Bird Watching 

The excursion starts in the morning and will take a place in the northern and western part of the island, where you can see a wide variety of species: Wren, Wood pigeon (an exclusive specie of island), Madeira Finch, Berthelot’s pipit and Pallid swift. Lunch is included.

Tuesdays – Full Day

The cost is 80 €.